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Bathroom Changes To Help With Medical Conditions

If you have certain health conditions, then you can make some changes to your bathroom to help you feel better. By replacing some of the items in your bathroom, you can enjoy some added comfort and even bring yourself some relief. This article will provide you with information on some of the changes you can make to the bathroom that will specifically help with some different conditions.

Weakness and/or mobility problems

If you have weakness in your legs or suffer from other mobility issues, then you may find it difficult to get in and out of your bathtub. In this case, you may want to consider installing a stand up shower instead. Make sure you have a non-slip tile or adhesive material put on the bottom so you don't have to worry about falling. You can also put a handheld showerhead in the shower so you can rinse off easier. Installing a grab bar will assure that you have something to grab for balance.

If you are more of a bath person, then a walk-in bathtub may be a better choice. This type has a door in the side you can step through and the door seals tightly when it's shut. This allows you to fill up the tub without worrying about water leaking onto the floor. There is also a seat so you can enjoy your bath without the need to get yourself all the way down to floor level. This can be very helpful if you have trouble moving.

Anal fissures, hemorrhoids and/or urinary tract infections

If you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids, then going to the bathroom can be a painful experience. Wiping afterwards can cause you even more pain. By replacing the toilet you currently have in the bathroom with one that's also a bidet, you can get some relief after you go to the bathroom and avoid wiping with toilet paper.

If you are prone to getting a lot of urinary tract infections, then it's very important for you to do what you can to stay as clean as possible. The bidet will ensure you are getting a good cleaning each time you use the bathroom.

By making the changes detailed above, you will be able to create a bathroom space for yourself or another member of the household that caters more to specific needs and provides a safer area where there is less chances of injuries. Work with a company like Warhold Mechanicals Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning as you undertake a project like this.