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Tips For Preventing Insects From Entering Your Home Through The Air Conditioner

The air conditioner can be an essential device if your home is in an area with hot summers. Unfortunately, the air conditioner can be a great way for insects to enter the home. Sadly, there are many homeowners that fail to realize that there are a couple of tips that can be used to greatly reduce the prevalence of this problem. 

Set The Air Conditioner To Only Circulate The Air Inside Your Home

One of the best ways to prevent insects from entering through this system is to set it to only circulate the air inside the home. When this mode is active, the exterior vent is closed, which will make it far more difficult for the insects to enter.

The steps for making this change to your air conditioner will vary. Some units will require you to go outside and manually close the vent while others may be able to do this automatically. You must consult the owner's manual for your system to learn the exact steps for making this change.

Check The Caulking And Seals Where The Air Conditioner Meets The Home

In addition to closing the exterior vent, you may also be able to reduce this problem by checking to ensure the caulking and seals around the air conditioner are in as good of a condition as possible. Over time, the seals may develop cracks and the caulking may start to peel away. When these issues arise, they can provide an easy path for insects to enter your home.

When inspecting the seal, you should look closely for any signs of small cracks starting to form on it. If these are present, it will need to be replaced, and you should hire a professional to perform this work because an improperly placed seal can make your home's insect problem far worse than it already is. Fortunately, applying more caulking is a relatively simple repair to make. If you notice the caulking starting to peel away, use a scraper to remove as much of it as possible before applying a thick coat of new caulk.  

Having insects entering your home through the air conditioner can be a serious problem to experience. In addition to making the home less sanitary, your comfort may be seriously impacted if stinging or biting insects make it inside. Fortunately, setting the air conditioner to circulate the air inside the home and making sure the caulking around the unit's connection to the house is seal may help to drastically reduce your home's insect problem. 

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