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Using House Plants To Remove Formaldehyde From The Air In A Manufactured Home

Some building materials and home furnishings emit small amounts of potentially harmful vapors. The manufacturing process of materials and furnishings may include the use of chemicals such as formaldehyde. Individuals living in a manufactured home can improve the quality of their interior air by adding specific house plants that absorb formaldehyde.

A common type of building material used in manufactured homes is particleboard, which consists of small pieces of wood glued together to form a board. The adhesives used to bond the wood particles together may contain formaldehyde. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found higher levels of formaldehyde in new manufactured homes than in older traditional homes.

The house plants capable of improving the quality of your interior air are fairly common. There are three plant species that are considered to be especially effective in reducing the inside level of formaldehyde.

Spider plant

The spider plant is often maintained in a hanging pot because it does not climb upward. The narrow, long leaves tend to droop over the edge of the container as the plant grows. A NASA study of indoor air quality found the spider plant to be the most effective plant in the study at absorbing formaldehyde.


There are several varieties of philodendrons. Taller varieties with larger leaves can be placed in a floor pot. Some philodendron varieties are climbing vines and are better suited for a hanging pot. If some method of support is not available for a climbing variety, its leaves and shoots will grow out of the container and hang over the edge.

Golden pothos

The golden pothos plant is sometimes mistaken for a philodendron, possible due to the similarity of the heart-shaped leaves. Another term commonly used for golden pothos is money plant. The golden pothos can be grown in a hanging basket, or you can place it in a floor pot. Like some philodendrons, it will climb upward if a method of support is available.

Plants serve as decorative accessories as they purify the air. A plant suitable for a hanging basket may be placed on a pedestal, allowing the leaves to overhang the edge of the pedestal.

House plants are at work purifying the air each hour of every day. The NASA study found that one potted plant was needed to clean each 100 square feet of interior space. Even so, the proper ventilation of your living space during heating and cooling is the primary method to ensure a fresh air supply. Contact an HVAC contractor like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc for more information about indoor air quality.