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Rely On These Three Ideas To Keep Warm When You're Waiting For A Furnace Repair

When your furnace stops working in the middle of a cold spell, you have two priorities -- call a licensed HVAC contractor (such as one from http://www.alliedairheat.com) to set up a repair visit and find some ways to stay warm. Ideally, the answer to your first priority will take place in short order; after all, you don't want to have to withstand too long without heat in your home. The second priority allows you to get a little creative, especially if the contractor you hire needs to order a furnace part that could take a couple days to arrive. In addition to the tried-and-tested method of throwing on a sweater and some warm socks, here are three other ideas to try. 

Leave The Bathroom Door Open When You Shower

Taking a couple hot showers per day can help you feel warm even when it's cold inside your home, but you can use the heat generated in the bathroom to provide warmth beyond the shower itself. If you leave the bathroom door shut while you shower, which is common among many people, the heat will gather in the room but not move elsewhere in your home -- especially if you use the bathroom fan to defog the room. A better strategy is to leave the bathroom door wide open. Doing will allow the heat and humidity from the shower to travel to adjacent rooms and help to warm them.

Let The Sun Shine In

The sun can provide your cold home with valuable heat, but not if your curtains or drapes are closed. While it's sensible to close curtains at night to prevent cold drafts from entering your home, you should always open things up widely when it's sunny outside. The sun's beams can provide valuable heat to the rooms on the sunny side of your home and help to keep you comfortable. It's also useful to spend time in these rooms to help stay warm -- remember, your cat typically has a knack for finding the sunlight and curling up in it. 

Get Cooking

If you've ever had the stove and oven running at the same time, especially over the course of a few hours, you'll know that these appliances can inject considerable heat into your home. Keep this situation in mind when you're in need of heat by doing some cooking and baking. The heat will help you stay comfortable and by the time the furnace is fixed, you'll have a fridge full of food to enjoy.