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2 Reasons To Utilize Central Air Instead Of Window Units

Central air systems are extremely popular cooling system, and with good reason when you consider the sheer amount of advantages that this type of cooling has over the other options on the market. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a central air system instead of window units.

Single Unit Solution

One of the biggest reasons to use a central air system is that it is a simple solution that only requires a single unit to cool your entire home. On the other hand, window units do not typically have enough power to cool more than a single room at time, so you will end up having to buy multiple units if you want to be able to cool multiple rooms. This can be quite a hassle when you consider that you will have to go through multiple installation processes.

In addition, having multiple window units operating at once can be quite inefficient and end up driving your electric bill up more than a single central air system. Sure, in a one-on-one comparison, the larger central air unit will use more power, but the central air system is often more energy efficient when compared to the number of window units that would be needed to cool an entire home.


Another reason to utilize central air is that it is often quite a bit more comfortable to use than window units. One reason for this is that a central air unit will often cool down your home in a much shorter amount of time than a window unit.

In addition, since the central air unit will be cooling the entire house, you can continue to enjoy the cool air as you walk through the house. Unless you turn on all of the window units at the same time, you can easily end up walking from a nice cooled room into a very hot room that has not had the benefit of air conditioning because there is either not a unit installed in that room or it was not turned on. 

Another way that central air can be more comfortable for you is that it is often much quieter than a window unit because the cooling unit is actually outside of the house. With window units, the unit is going to be sitting near you and making a lot of noise as the compressor turns on and begins cooling the room. 

Contact a contractor today in order to get a quote for a central air system for your home and to discuss the many advantages that it can provide. This type of system is a great choice as it can be more comfortable to have in your home, while also being a single unit solution. Contact a company to talk about air conditioning maintenance for more information.