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Winter Is Coming And Plumbing Preparation Is A Must

Some people do not realize that when winter comes, there are special precautions they should take to protect their plumbing. Not knowing how to protect your plumbing system can lead to plumbing nightmares such as frozen or burst pipes. These disasters are inconveniences that can cost you a high water bill and water damage. 

Allow warm air to circulate in cabinets where pipes are located.

The heat that you use to keep your home warm can also be used to protect your pipes. Perhaps you have been avoiding opening up cabinets because you think that they will allow cool air to enter your home. However, the heat circulating in your home can warm your pipes and keep them from freezing. If pipes freeze, you can try to warm them with a handheld blow dryer. 

Disconnect water hoses from your outdoor spigots. 

Many people think about protecting the indoor portions of their plumbing systems. This means that the outdoor parts of the system may get overlooked. The outdoor parts of your plumbing are just as important as indoors. Think about it. Your garden hose and spigot do not get the opportunity to get warmed like your indoor plumbing does. This makes them more susceptible to freezing. If water freezes in your garden hose and pipes close to the spigot, it can create pressure that ultimately backs up into indoor pipes. Ensure that you also disconnect your sprinkler system if you have one. 

Allow cold water to trickle when temperatures are at freezing level.

The premise of allowing the water to trickles stems from the fact that it is difficult for running water to freeze. Ensure you use cold water because hot water will cause you to have higher energy bills. 

Ensure your sump pump's drainage line is not blocked on the exterior. 

This will require your inspection if you have a basement. Your drainage line needs to be unobstructed. Winter elements such as snow or ice can block the drainage line from the outdoors. This means that if an issue such as a basement pipe bursting occurs, the water will not be able to drain due to the blockage. Snow and ice may also thaw and refreeze, and if they are blocking the line, it can cause pressure problems that negatively impact indoor pipes. 

A plumber is an excellent resource to use if you experience a plumbing emergency in the winter. They can also provide you with additional preventative maintenance tips. Contact a company like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more.