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Sign Your Home's Air Conditioner Needs Replacement Rather Than Repair

When your home's air conditioning suddenly stops working, you may look for ways that you can repair the system first before you replace it. Unfortunately, there may be some situations where repair is not the best option. That is because you could be putting money into a piece of equipment that does not have many years of use left in it, causing you to spend money that could be used to purchase a whole new air conditioner. Here are a few reasons to consider replacement rather than repair.

Your Air Conditioner Is Old

Many appliances have an estimated lifespan for how long they will last. This is true of your home's air conditioner. You can expect to get somewhere between 10 and 15 years from an air condition before it need to be completely replaced.

If an air conditioner is relatively new, fixing a broken part can actually be a good thing. You'll prolong the lifespan, especially since the other parts are relatively new and have more life in them. An aging air conditioner will be more likely to have other parts at the end of their life span. You could end up replacing one part now, and then another expensive part a few years later. Before you know it, you've spent more on repairs that could have gone toward replacement.

Your Home's Energy Bills Have Increased

As an air conditioner ages, it won't work the same as it has in the past. The air may not get as cold, causing the unit to run longer to get your home to the proper temperature. This will result in energy bills that have increased over time rather than remained low.

While it's hard to measure energy usage with the weather and price of energy changing, try looking at your energy bills from the previous year. Pay close attention to how much energy was actually used rather than the price. If you notice a trend of using more and more electricity to cool down your home each summer, it is a major sign you need to replace the entire unit.

Your Humidity is High

Your home's air conditioner is also responsible for removing humidity in the air as it cycles through your home. If you have noticed your home becoming more humid, it could be due to an aging air conditioner that is not doing its job.

For more reasons to replace an air conditioner rather than repair it, speak to a local HVAC technician.