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Three Reasons Why You May Engage A Pipe Fabrication Company

Pipe fabrication is exactly how it sounds; the manufacturing and fabrication of pipes. Most of the work done by these industries is all the same pipe sizes and lengths commonly used in everyday applications. However, you can request unusual or custom pipes, too. As an HVAC contractor, you may, on occasion, engage a pipe fabrication company. When you do, it will probably be for one of the following reasons.

You Are Trying to Hook up New Pipe to Really Old Pipe

Really, really old pipes do not have the same sizes currently used in your line of work. There was no real standardization of pipe size back when plumbers first began installing indoor plumbing. They used whatever seemed to work to get the job done, and they never had a set pattern for pipe use. They might use three-quarter-inch pipe under a sink in one house, and half-inch pipe in the next. Up until the last sixty or seventy years, whatever pipe you had on hand when installing plumbing is what you used.

Therefore, trying to connect really, really old pipe in one house to modern pipe in that same house is going to be a challenge. As an HVAC contractor you are trying to fix, repair, replace or install some appliance that needs pipe. It cannot be done without some custom pipe from the pipe fabrication company.

You Need to Know the Conversion Rate for Metal to PVC Pipe

Metal pipe is often swapped out for PVC pipe. When it is, you need to know what thickness the PVC pipe needs to be to sustain the same level of pressure for water, steam, and/or oil. While you can certainly do the calculations yourself, you would want to confirm that you have the right thickness of PVC pipe before you install it.

You Want to Ask Them about Their Products

Of course, if the pipe manufacturer is fairly new, you might want to know something more about their products. If they tout a pipe product as "innovative," you will wan to know more about it and whether or not it will be a good fit with your line of work. Pricing is important too, since many of these companies might post pictures and features of their products online, but never prices. It helps to know what you would pay for standard pipe versus custom pipe products from this particular company.

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