Learning About Residential Furnaces

Three Advantages Of Installing A Natural Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces are a type of central heating unit that make use of natural gas as a fuel source instead of using electric heating elements. Though natural gas furnaces operate in much the same way as other types of furnaces do—heating air up and then blowing it throughout your home—natural gas provides a number of distinct benefits over alternative types of central heating units. Being conscious of the advantages associated with having a natural gas furnace in your home can help you figure out if you should consider having one installed.


The most obvious advantage associated with choosing to have a furnace that uses natural gas instead of an alternative fuel source is that natural gas furnaces are always able to operate. This is in stark contrast to electric furnaces, which will not work during power outages, along with propane furnaces, which require regular fuel deliveries into a large storage tank instead of being fed directly by an underground line as natural gas is. As long as your unit does not make use of an electric ignition system, you will be able to keep your home heated, which is a very important consideration if you live in an area prone to natural disasters or sporadic power availability. 

Speed and Responsiveness

Another huge upside of choosing to install a natural gas furnace over another type of central heating system is the fact that natural gas can produce heat very quickly. Since heating elements will not warm up slowly as they do in electrical furnaces, you will begin to feel heat coming out of your ductwork in a matter of minutes. This allows you to adjust your interior temperature as needed, making it much easier for you to maintain the comfort level within your home during even the coldest winter days. 

Overall Cost

Though it will largely depend on where your home is located, the use of natural gas costs less than using a similarly sized electric furnace of roughly equivalent power. Part of the difference has to do with the responsiveness of a natural gas furnace. Since the system will be able to provide heat to your home much quicker than an electrical system, it will not have to operate for as long or cycle on and off continuously in order to reach and maintain a specific setting on your thermostat. 

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