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Reasons Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important For Your AC

If you don't have an air conditioning maintenance contract in place, then you'll want to call an HVAC technician to service and clean your air conditioner about once each year. Even if you forget to make the call in the spring, when it's a popular time for an HVAC tuneup, you'll want to call as soon as you remember, rather than go without maintenance for too long. Here's why routine air conditioning maintenance is so important.

Cleaning The Outdoor Cage And Fins Improves Airflow

The unit that sits outside takes a lot of abuse from the weather, pests, flying grass clippings, and kids playing in the yard. The inside of the cage can get dirty and interfere with airflow. The fins on the outside of the unit can be bent down easily, too, and airflow can be blocked or reduced. Maintaining proper airflow through your HVAC system can prevent a lot of problems, so one thing the technician does is check the cage for bent fins and debris inside the unit.

Removing Condensation Drain Clogs Prevents Water Damage

Another part of routine air conditioning maintenance is to clean out the condensation drain that goes from the air handler inside to the outdoors. Clogs can develop in this drain, and when they do, water backs up inside the HVAC or spills onto the floor. This could potentially cause water damage or mold around the HVAC, so servicing this drain to keep it clear is important.

Cleaning The Coils Prevents Ice Formation

The inside portion of the air conditioning unit is cleaned, too, because dirt and dust buildup can cause ice to form on the coils, stopping your AC from working. Other parts of the AC are cleaned as well, such as the blower fan and motor. Dust has a tendency to build up inside your HVAC, especially if you forget to change the filter regularly. Buildup of dust can lead to all kinds of problems, including poor AC performance and your air conditioner shutting itself down.

Repairing Worn Parts Prevents Breakdowns

Cleaning is just part of the work involved with an annual air conditioning maintenance service call. In addition, parts are checked to see if they are worn out and soon to fail. This allows the technician to change them before your AC breaks down. The technician will check the  electrical wiring and other parts of the system, so you can feel good about your AC working until the service call next year.