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Keep Your Tiny House Comfortable All Year With A Ductless HVAC

If you're building a tiny house to live in or to use as a guest house, pool house, or home office, then you need some sort of climate control to keep the house comfortable during all seasons of the year. A ductless HVAC system could be the best solution. Here's why.

Ducts Would Take Up Too Much Room

You probably won't have space in your tiny home for ducts. Even if you have the space, it would probably be better used as a storage area instead. A ductless HVAC system has a unit that indoors and one that's outdoors. These two parts of the system are connected with copper tubing, and no ducts are needed at all. This makes a ductless system ideal for a tiny home.

You Won't Have To Sacrifice A Window

While you might consider a window AC to keep cool in the summer, you'll lose the use of the window, and you might like to open the window for a cool breeze when the weather is right. You'll probably be limited in the number of windows you have anyway, so blocking one with an AC will cut down on the amount of natural light in your home as well as make the window less useful. The part of a ductless HVAC system that blows out cool or warm air is mounted on the wall near the ceiling so it is out of the way and doesn't interfere with your windows.

A Ductless HVAC System Can Heat And Cool Your House

Another advantage of a ductless system is that the same unit can heat and cool your house. This cuts down on the amount of equipment you need to stay comfortable all year, and you don't have to worry about installing something different at the change of seasons. You control the temperature with a remote thermostat, and the HVAC system removes heat from inside your home or blows it in so you'll always have just the right temperature no matter what season you're in.

A Ductless HVAC System Is Energy Efficient

If you're building a tiny house to save on living costs, then you don't want to waste money on your power bill. A ductless HVAC system is energy efficient since there are no ducts to lose conditioned air through and since the blower and condenser are close to each other on opposite sides of the wall. Even though you want to save money, you don't want to be uncomfortable in your tiny space. Using a ductless system can keep you comfortable without wasting energy and driving up your electricity bill.

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