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Winter Weather Tips For Central Air Units

With the fall temperatures rapidly cooling most of the country, this is the time to capitalize on getting your air conditioner ready for winter. A dormant season means making sure that your air conditioner is protected against some of the hazards that can lead to damage. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to consider to protect your air conditioner throughout the winter so that it's ready for next summer.

Schedule Cleaning Services

This is the perfect time to call and schedule an annual air conditioning service to have the unit cleaned before you shut it down for the winter. It's important to have it cleaned now because any debris or dirt that's accumulated on the coils or in the system can cause deterioration inside the unit if it's left there for the next several months while the unit sits unused.

Your air conditioning services technician will clean the coils, the drip trays, the lines, and every internal component to be sure that there's no residue that can lead to damage over the winter. They will also identify any repairs that may be needed before the upcoming season so that you can plan ahead to have them done.

Have The Refrigerant Tested

Before you shut the unit down for the season, you should also have the refrigerant level tested. This simple pressure test will reveal whether or not your unit has a refrigerant leak. It's in your best interest to have this test done before winter so that you can prevent a leaking air conditioner from releasing refrigerant into the environment all winter. Additionally, catching a refrigerant leak now will save you in the recharge costs because the less refrigerant you lose, the less you pay to replace in the system.

Cover Your Air Conditioner

While your AC services technician is onsite, you should talk with them about how to properly cover your air conditioner before the winter weather sets in. Covering your air conditioner unit serves two purposes. First, it protects it from the weather throughout the winter months. This keeps snow and ice away from the unit.

Additionally, with the proper covering, you can also reduce the risk of pest infestation inside your air conditioner. Since this can be a real hazard in many areas, proactive steps can be highly beneficial.

Talk with a local AC services technician today for more information about preparing your home's air conditioner for winter.