How To Know If You Have An HVAC Emergency

As much as we've come to rely on the HVAC systems inside of our home, when one of them stops working, it can feel like a real emergency. But how can you tell if it's just a minor inconvenience or something that warrants a 24-hour emergency HVAC call? Below are a few situations where it's worth it to call for emergency services, and one situation where it's not. Regardless of whether or not your situation is on the list, if you have any questions about the way your HVAC system is operating, call your local air conditioning company to schedule an appointment. [Read More]

Three Simple Steps To Maintain Your AC Unit

While many homeowners love the idea of working on their house, trying to optimize every square inch in order to keep it in tip-top shape, others loathe the idea of ever picking up a wrench in the first place. Still, no matter who you are, it's a good idea to build some type of maintenance plan into your yearly schedule, and that includes working on your HVAC unit. Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of your unit breaking down by up to 95%, saving you money in air conditioning repair bills. [Read More]

Three Warning Signs That Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

Having your home's air ducts isn't a typical part of routine maintenance, but depending on your needs, it could be necessary. Duct cleaning is a good way to get rid of foul odors, anything pests might have dragged in, and allergens and contaminants that could be harmful to your health. Here are three signs to keep an eye out for. Foul Odors For the most part, the air coming from your vents should be odorless, since your HVAC pulls air from inside your house. [Read More]

5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Your AC Purchase And Installation

You might already know that you want to purchase a new air conditioning unit to install in your home, but there might be some things that you have not decided yet. These are a few questions that you will probably want to ask yourself before your AC purchase and installation. 1. What Size Unit Will You Purchase? First of all, you will need to determine the appropriate size of your air conditioning system. [Read More]